Why You Should Use Email Marketing on Existing Customers


e-mail marketing



E-Mail marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves e-mailing a list of people and customers who have opted in to your promotional list.

An e-mail marketing list is extremely powerful because you can use this list to keep people updated with your business’s news, updates, promotions, and exclusive offers. It’s also a great way to drive traffic to your newest content.


You may be wondering how you can leverage your e-mail list for your own benefit.

The truth is, e-mail marketing doesn’t only need to focus on sales.

E-mail marketing is still a fantastic way to push traffic to your website or videos, resulting in more views, leads, and conversions for you.

Here are some examples of e-mails you can use for your e-mail marketing campaign:


Welcome e-mails

First, it’s important to start off strong with a welcoming e-mail to remind the user with a confirmation as to why they signed up for your list in the first place. Did you offer them an incentive to sign up for your list? Make sure you include those details in your sign-up e-mails immediately so the user can see that you’re credible. Leaving a great first impression that provides value will determine how often your readers will open your future e-mails.


It’s also important to send follow up emails. Most people aren’t going to open your e-mails the first time. If you’re consistent with your follow-up efforts, you can increase your rate of opened e-mails.



Newsletter / Update e-mails

A weekly or monthly newsletter is a surefire way to ensure that your subscribers are staying up to date with the most relevant information you can provide. It’s also a good way to promote your newer content and send social signals early on. Having social signals can indirectly help your SEO efforts. This helps give your content a chance to rank on search engines, as well as have your list of subscribers familiarize themselves with your content. You can also use these newsletters to tease upcoming sales and promotions. Additionally, you can use these newsletters to keep customers updated with news around your own business, such as features around the web and accomplishments.


Sales / Promotional e-mails

Have an upcoming sale to announce? There’s no better way to spread the word than to blast an e-mail to everyone who’s already interested in your products or services! If your sales are slacking, you can entice your list with an exclusive offer that they can’t resist. This is their reward for going out of their way to offer their e-mail to you in exchange for information and deals.


Holiday / Birthday e-mails

People love when brands go the extra mile, especially when you can take it a step further by offering a birthday discount that makes them truly feel appreciated.

According to Campaign Monitor, birthday e-mails generate higher transaction rates, higher revenue, and higher unique click through rates.


Abandoned Cart e-mails


If you run an e-commerce store, a sneaky way to increase your conversions is to remind your shoppers that they have abandoned items in their cart. Most brands will generally include an additional discount in these e-mails, an aggressive way to push an additional conversion from people who were almost done completing a transaction, but opted not to do so for whatever reason they may have. If you could get one abandoned cart to convert from an e-mail, wouldn’t it be worth it? The answer is an obvious yes to me.


Wrapping it up

There’s a common misconception that e-mail marketing is dated and irrelevant, and it’s simply not true. Big brands continue to leverage e-mail marketing every single day because it works, and it generates more views and revenue. When you start an e-mal list, make sure your strategy is crafted in a way that focuses on providing value to your list. The goal is to keep customers engaged.