Holiday Branding Tips


The Holidays are the perfect time to put some extra thought and care into your branding efforts. Holiday campaigns have the power to create an everlasting impression because of their association with a positive time. If you’re looking to have your brand stand out with your own holiday branding this season, here are some ways you can get creative!


Plan Your Holiday Marketing Ahead!

If you’ve waited until the beginning of October to start discussing your Halloween launch plans, it’s probably already too late. Clear some time in your marketing calendar to start planning out your launch before everyone starts talking about seasonal branding. Make sure you tackle your fall plans before it’s too late. The last thing you want is your marketing team scrambling to slap something together during the busiest time of the year. A bad marketing campaign can do the opposite of attracting!


Have fun with your holiday branding assets!

I love when companies release branding assets that feature holiday elements, such as a Halloween or Christmas themed logo.

google holiday logo

Google Winter themed logo

Google always has a fun logo to show off.

target ornament logo

Target ornament logo

I thought this Target logo was a clever idea to bring some Holiday cheer to the brand!


You can also re-brand your social profiles with matching festive colors. Companies that go the extra mile during these times will generally see a boost in social engagement as well, which is great to drive brand awareness.


Create an ad campaign

For large brands, going all out with an advertising campaign is one of the best ways to double down on holiday branding. For example, The Hess Truck brand began making small replicas of their trucks to give to customers as a thank you for their business. Since then, the rest is history. They created their own product line that is linked with the holidays. There are avid collectors that know and expect a yearly release from a brand they love, thanks to the association with the holiday season.

This Hess Truck commercial has a nice holiday jingle, and drives people to their website to order a truck.


Create a holiday offer


The Holiday season is the time where everyone is preparing for those huge black Friday discounts! While you don’t need to have “door busters” that attract the masses, it’s always a good idea to have some type of offer that makes it worthwhile for your customers to check out. I would recommend creating an offer that helps you build up your e-mail marketing list, so you can continue to reach these people after your holiday campaign expires. Offering an exclusive discount to e-mail subscribers is a good way to entice people to sign up.


Give back to the community

The holiday season is a time of positivity and cheer. When the world is in a giving mood, people want to see their favorite brands step up to the plate as well. Giving back to the community is a great way to show you care about your supporters, and a great way to get involved and reach new people as well.


Product or service giveaways are a fantastic way to drive social engagement to your profiles. Post your giveaways on your social media accounts and watch the engagement come pouring in!


Some companies like to donate a % of sales to a charitable organization. These opportunities are great for brands to partner up and create cross promoting opportunities for maximum exposure and engagement.


Stay consistent with your holiday marketing

It wouldn’t be wise to start launching your holiday campaigns unless you plan to be in it for the long haul. Taking a year off from holiday marketing could confuse your customers and their expectations with your brand. Save your branding assets and make sure they’re flexible for future campaigns.

Wrapping it up

Planning to market your company during the holidays doesn’t have to be a difficult mess. As long as you prepare your launch in a timely fashion, there’s no reason you shouldn’t see success with your holiday campaign.


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Holiday Branding Guide